BRUSSELS ACCOUNTANTS will help freelancers and companies fulfil their accounting and fiscal obligations.

1° Setting up a company

In some cases, it is advisable to work on a self-employed basis while you begin building up a self-standing business (company number allocated to you as an individual). In other cases, or in the case of collaboration with others, we work with the client in finding the most appropriate company structure (SPRL, SA, SComm). Fiscal considerations will obviously play a significant role in the choice made. In some instances, it may be advantageous to form a so-called “civil company”, differing considerably from ordinary commercial enterprises. This may be considered if a legal firm, for example. It is possible to also set up temporary companies or temporary associations. An example would be a property project with several developers.

2° Accounting Services

The accounting services are driven by the legal nature of the company with the annual accounts providing an accurate picture of the financial position of the company (profit- and loss sheet for freelancers and for companies combined with a balance sheet). BRUSSELS ACCOUNTANTS can help with this legal obligation.

3° Financial Analysis

Depending on our client’s requirements, the annual accounts are not only compiled but also carefully analysed and published. Having completed the legally required accounting procedures, the client is free to determine what further assistance they require for the sound financial management of their company. BRUSSELS ACCOUNTANTS will be there to offer guidance and assistance. Some clients need precise ascertainment of costs per department or per business activity and their contribution to the global result of the enterprise. Other clients wish to be able to evaluate individual (sales) performances. Sometimes a precise breakdown is required between overhead and variable (production) costs (per department or event). Any additional accounting information required can be provided in perfect cooperation with the client. The accounting can therefore be much more than just a legal obligation providing basic financial information, but also a useful dashboard for management purposes.

4° Fiscal Obligations

We will take care of making formal fiscal declarations for companies and advising them on company tax, local tax matters and VAT.

5° Corporate legislation

BRUSSELS ACCOUNTANTS will assist in meeting all stipulations of Belgian corporate legislation and its correct application in the accounting of the company. As an authorized chartered accounting office, we can draft specific reports legally required when restructuring companies (for instance in case of merger or liquidation).

6° Valorisation of shares

At request, a neutrally determined fair value can be given to shares or companies.

We would be happy to be of service.