Non profit associations

BRUSSELS ACCOUNTANTS will work with (international) non-profit organisations (ASBL) from their constitution until their eventual dissolution and liquidation. We can help associations with the following tasks:

  • Assistance in obtaining the legal status of ‘ASBL’.
  • Drafting the statutes of the ASBL as well as additional “internal household rules” if needed.
  • Technical advice regarding the association’s structure: the constituent assembly; the board of administrators; daily management (concerning accountability exoneration clause); the board of representation; the possible nomination of an auditor; and also assistance at the AGM.
  • Membership list (possible submittal to the clerk office of the relevant court).
  • Fulfilment of accounting and fiscal obligations according all the legal stipulations:
    • Establishing a set of accounts based on the specific activities of the ASBL as well as its size.
    • Supporting the board of administrators in setting up and applying appropriate accounting rules.
    • Drafting of the annual budget and regular follow up with the financial year results.
    • All necessary bookkeeping activities, journals, annual inventories, preparation of interim financial reports.
    • Drafting statutory accounts, equity balance sheet, profit and loss statement.
    • Official submission of standardized accounts with the authorities if legally required or at the request of the client.
    • Appropriation of possible P&L-profits in conformity with legislation for non-profit associations.
    • Fiscal repercussions of real estate ownership; patrimonial taxation.
    • Income tax return for the taxable operations of associations.
    • VAT-status of associations.
    • Legal and fiscal analysis and implications of gifts, legacies and sponsorship obtained by associations.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.